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Get Awesome Press For Your Business

If you want a lot of media coverage for your business you’ve come to the right place. We’ve landed thousands of features for our clients in the world’s top news outlets by being creatively led and data driven. This has allowed us to be smarter, faster and more effective than any other PR agency on the planet. It’s no wonder thousands of companies, both big and small, choose us first when they need press.

We used Visiting From Space to launch our company. The results were Extraordinary! In just one month, Visiting From Space got us featured in Fast Company, the Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Engadget, Wired, Mashable and over 500 more news outlets. All of the visibility immediately boosted our sales by $346,000 and paved the way for a $4.6 million dollar round of funding. Amazing!

Greg Ponesse

What Makes Us Very Different

Lackluster results, old school methodology …. if you've hired a PR agency in the past, chances are you left disappointed. While the speed of business is growing leaps and bounds, thanks to technology, the PR industry has remained relatively unchanged ... until now!

We’ve transformed our industry, re-imagining how press should be generated. We’re powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and extensive expertise. The result ... we run the most effective PR campaigns on the planet.

I’m really glad I found Visiting From Space. They are businessmen of character and have nothing but my utmost of respect. Previously, we hired a bunch of promotion services and none could get us any results. I gave Visiting from Space a call and they told me about their unique approach so I decided to give them a try. Within 24 hours we were featured on ABC TV News. Techcrunch, Wired and others followed. I highly recommend giving them a try. They helped us a lot where many others failed.

Sam Nagar
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Campaigns Driven By Intelligence

Better campaigns start with better understanding. Visiting From Space IQ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to study the thousands of touchpoints we have with reporters every single day. We study the deep patterns within the data and use the information to build your PR campaign.

Based on data and patterns, your campaign is constantly being optimized to give you the most impactful news coverage.

Visiting From Space has had a huge impact on our company. They know how to cut through the noise and get messages to journalists in a format that gets responses. Not only were the responses from reporters quick, but they were from some of the largest media channels (Forbes, Mashable, Techcrunch, etc.). The impact was significantly above what we expected.

Super Support!
Greg Goralski

Reach Top Reporters

Everything starts with our relationships. When it comes to generating press, our relationships with reporters matter. No one is more connected in the industry than we are. We have the largest network of reporters on the planet that cover news across every medium … from online news and blogs to TV, magazines, radio and more.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, we leverage our contacts hard to generate as much press for your business as possible.

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You'll Work With Experts

We’re not your typical PR agency. From publicly traded enterprises to startups, thousands of companies turn to us because we've created a faster, more intelligent way to generate press.

Sit back and relax while our team of experts handles all aspects of your media campaign from strategy and creation to outreach, management, reporting, and optimization.

Being our first experience with a PR firm, we were surprised by the positive attitude and professionalism they displayed. Our first media push was a big hit instantly landing us coverage with Engadget, the Discovery Channel, Venturebeat and much more. We were very pleased with their willingness to guide us through the process. These guys are the real deal.

The real deal!
Matt Gillespie

Track Everything, Be Amazed

We track all the coverage about your business as it makes its way around the world. We monitor millions of online publications, broadcast and cable networks, key local television markets, national and local newspapers, magazines, newsletters and so much more.

Our metrics and analysis tools are the tops in our industry and allow us to quantify the reach and effectiveness of all your coverage.

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You Can Grow Very Fast

Fasten your seat belts. Reporters are always looking for companies to feature, so press coverage can happen superfast. Just one online write-up, one TV interview, or one magazine mention can expose your company to thousands, or even millions, of targeted consumers.

The press that we received was critical. As soon as we signed on our trend-line accelerated upwards at an exponential rate. We were quickly featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Venturebeat and others.

Exponential Growth!!
Conor Russomanno

You’ll Boost Your Online Reputation

All of the media coverage boosted our credibility and helped us hit $687,000 in sales in our first 30 days. Because of the media coverage I was able to close deals with many customers, including Intel, NASA, Rolls Royce, and Home Depot. Visiting From Space definitely exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them.

Exponential Growth!!
Jonathan Cheung
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About Visiting From Space

Who said work can't be fun? Around here, that's just what it is. We pride ourselves on our laid-back work environment and distinctive culture. But we're not just a bunch of consultants in jeans. We're creative, visionary minds of many disciplines. We’re multicultural, multinational, multitalented individuals, each with a unique perspective. We surf big waves, climb the world's tallest mountains, perform on stages, and paint fine art. But through all this, we find that what makes us different is what makes us the same.

We all like to take things apart, figure stuff out, put them back together, learn how it all works and make it work better. We all have the drive to lead amazing lives and do extraordinary work. We came to Visiting From Space looking to reach our potential and leave our mark on the world. We stay because we’ve found a place where we don’t have to do it alone.


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