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Welcome to the Future of PR

It’s always been the same. If you’re serious about generating press for your business, hire a PR agency. But PR firms use old school methodology and reel you into expensive agreements that last, at minimum, three months. It’s time for an overhaul. We elevate PR to a whole new level. With us you get powerful tools so you know exactly how reporters are reacting every step of the way … a first in the industry. Best of all, you can pay as you go. That means no long term contracts and no hidden fees. We’re simply how PR should have always been.

Instantly boost your sales, reputation and SEO.

Nothing can transform your business more than press. Just one well-placed blog post, online news write-up, TV feature, or magazine mention can expose your company to millions of targeted consumers. In an instant you can dramatically boost your sales, leaving your competition in the dust.

The great news is, there are 1.9 million journalists. Every single one of them is looking for a great story. They need content day in and day out.

That's where we come in. We bring out your story and make you newsworthy. Then we leverage our media contacts getting your company in front of the key reporters and influential bloggers in your industry ... the ones most likely to write about you.

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s about to get awesome.

Make powerful new connections.

We know the world's top reporters. We know who they are. We know what they look for. And we know how to present your company to them in a way that gives you the best opportunity of getting featured. This is the key to success, a direct connection to the most influential journalists on the planet.
1.9 Million Media Contacts Strong - We’re connected. We have the largest network of journalists on the planet … over 1.9 million key journalists and influential bloggers that cover news across every medium, from online news and blogs to TV, magazines, radio and more. With us, reaching them has never been easier.
Precision Targeting - VFS DataWorks allows us to quickly find all of the influencers that can significantly impact your business. We prioritize who we contact by reach, social sharing, website traffic, audience engagement, SEO impact and more.
Comprehensive Monitoring - We monitor more than 400,000 news websites, tracking breaking news and stories all over the web. This allows us to find the most powerful reporters writing about your industry.
Editorial Calendars - We have access to thousands of editorial calendars. We pitch your story to the right journalists by finding media contacts and outlets already planning to cover your industry.

We give you superpowers. Get advanced reporting that maximizes your results.

We’re the only communications agency in the world that lets you track how your company is resonating with reporters. You get your PR Pulse.

Log into your intuitive dashboard and our tools allow you to follow how our outreach with reporters is going. Track email opens, clicks, shares, location, time spent reading the emails, and so much more. No more smoke and mirrors. You get to see the work.

These aren’t just number for numbers sake. These numbers actually help you understand how reporters view your company and what can be done to improve results. The data helps maximize your press coverage and takes your brand to the next level.

Simple, transparent pricing. No setup or hidden fees. Pay as you go.

We’re revamping the PR industry, starting with pricing. If you’ve ever looked into hiring a PR agency, you’ll find out very quickly that pricing is all over the map. You can spend $5,000 to $25,000 per month on an agreement that lasts at minimum three months. Not with us. At Visiting From Space you can pay as you go. Start with a one-time push to feel the press out or go with a one month plan. Based on the data and analytics of your campaign you can follow-up with reporters or keep scaling up, reaching out to a whole new batch of journalists.
US or Global Reach – Target reporters in the US or more than double your reach and go Global
Follow-up Emails – Keep up the momentum. Our powerful dashboard lets you quickly see how reporters are responding. Stay 'top of mind' with an optional follow-up email.
Reach New Reporters - Responses look great? Step on the gas and reach out to new reporters with messages that are continually improving.

Dedicated Team

You don’t need a new product or groundbreaking idea to get your company all over the news. You just need us.

We know what key reporters look for. We speak their lingo. Once you’re onboard our creative team takes over. We find the angles within your story that resonate most with journalists. Then we reach out directly to key reporters and influential bloggers.

We handle all aspects of your media campaign from strategy and creation, to outreach, reporting and optimization. We leverage our media contacts hard to generate as much press for your business as possible. This is what we're great at. It's what we love to do.