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World's first and only self-contained, portable air conditioned headgear

The world's climate is changing ... it's getting hotter. You try to find relief - a hat, an umbrella, cover under a building - but the heat is inescapable. Most of the time you just try to deal with it. All that ends now! We've created the world's first Air Conditioned Baseball Cap.

Built for ultimate comfort, the AC Cap is a lightweight headgear designed to keep you cool and comfortable regardless of the weather outside. When worn it improves your physical performance (proven in clinical trials) during sports and recreational activities like running, golfing, tennis, and hiking. The AC Cap can also be used by elderly people during the summer to help them cope with excessive heat.

The AC Cap uses Peltier thermoelectric solid state cooling to produce sub-ambient air to cool the scalp, which in turn cools the entire body. Head cooling has been proven in clinical trials to increase human physical endurance in ambient temperatures of 80º F and up by as much as 51%. Overall thermal comfort is improved substantially with reductions, and in many cases, elimination, of perspiration in warm and hot weather. Unlike ice pack application which starts out excessively cold and warms quickly, the Cooling Cap gives you dry consistent cooling all day long ... up to 22 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature.

The AC Cap enables users to improve their training and race-day performance with a substantial improvement in their physical and mental endurance. Users receive this natural and healthy boost without the use of drugs, blood doping, oxygenating, or other expensive and/or illegal unapproved techniques.

The Air Conditioned Cap can be powered by a lithium battery, portable generator, via a motor vehicle, or simply plugged into a standard wall outlet.

Here's How It Works

All Day Cooling

Drug-Free Performance Boost

Powered by solid-state high-tech materials and science, there are no refrigerants used to cool the helmet and the only moving part is the air mover itself. The special patented air flow structure is designed for maximum thermal transfer and air flow efficiency, which is one of the reasons that the Feher AC Headgear is so lightweight and compact, and runs on such a small amount of power. This smart design is also one of the reasons that the technology is very reliable and durable. Technical refinement and simplicity also contribute to affordable pricing.

Licenses are currently available on an exclusive or a non-exclusive basis for specific applications and the AC Cap technology will be available for purchase.

AC Cap Technology

Thermal imaging shows cooling efficiency

- Power consumption: 18-21W @ 12-13 VDC.

- Cooling system air dT below ambient: ~ 12 - 22º F with increasing ambient temp.

- AC Cap system weight:

Prototype headgear only: 10.75 oz., 304.76 g.

Production headgear only: 8.55 oz., 242.4 g.

- Base battery: 3 AH lithium-ion, 2 hour running time, with on-off switch and state of charge indicator: 9.5 oz., 269.3 g.

- Total production AC Cap system including 2 hr. battery weight: 18.05 oz., 511.7 g. (Lighter than a high quality pair of running shoes).



Once in a great while a person comes along whose ideas move technology forward.

For Steve Feher, the pursuit for the cutting-edge started in childhood and developed into a life-long passion that's driven him to create things that have changed entire industries. From the Climate Controlled Car seat (used by GM, Ford, Rolls-Royce etc.) to an Air Conditioned Motorcycle Helmet that makes unbearably hot rides a thing of the past, Steve's inventions have helped millions.

Today he's taken the next logical step in personal cooling with his Air Conditioned Baseball Cap, an everyday item enhanced with ingenious tech.

Air Conditioned Motor Cycle Helmet, AC Bike Helmet & AC Baseball Cap shown

Feher Research Inc. was founded by Steve Feher in Honolulu in 1993 to pursue new ways of achieving greater comfort through personal cooling. The company that preceded Feher Research Inc. was Feher Design, Inc., which was founded in 1985. After achieving landmark goals, Feher Design, Inc. was closed in 1993 so Steve could devote more time to Feher Research Inc. and further R&D into new personal cooling concepts.

Steve Feher