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Appseed - Turns Your Sketches Into Apps

There are 4.2 million Apps. Over 1000 new ones launch every single day. You've got an amazing app, but how do you rise above all of the others so that yours succeeds? How do you get people to see it? That’s where we come in. Appseed is an incredibly niche app that needed a lot of eyeballs quickly. So we jumped in, leveraging our personal contacts and our experience to generate media coverage for them superfast. Within 24 hours of reaching out to the press, Appseed was featured in Forbes. The write-up was phenomenal. Mashable, the Huffington Post, Trendhunter, Cult Of Mac and tons more quickly followed. This all led to a wildly successful launch coupled with a tremendous boost in sales.

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BUBLCAM - 3D Spherical Camera

The Bublcam is a 360 degree camera that lets you capture spherical panoramas of what's going on around you. The Bubl team wanted to launch their product and make the biggest splash possible so they came to us for help. We put together an aggressive media strategy and reached out to key reporters and influential bloggers prior to launch. We worked with journalists so that their articles would appear the exact date and time the Bublcam went live. The result ... within 8 hours of launching Bublcam's sales surpassed $100,000. We went on to secure over 500 news features and articles for the Bublcam. All this paved the way for a $4.6 million seed round of funding.

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Westinghouse Nucli - Advanced Smartlock for your Door

Westinghouse is a multibillion dollar company. When they launched Nucli, an advanced smart lock for your door, media coverage wasn't progressing as quickly as they liked. So the Westinghouse team reached out to us for help. We went through our network of 1.9 million reporters, zeroing in on our contacts and journalists most likely to write about the Nucli. We put together compelling outreaches that resonated with journalists and BOOM .... within just a few days the media coverage started to roll in. Sales took off. After just a month, orders for the Nucli surpassed $195,000.

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