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Finally a super FUN way to get kids to move more than just their fingers when playing video games!

CyclePath was created to promote a healthier way for children to spend their time while playing on their mobile devices - enabling them to have fun while exercising . From a ride in the car to the couch at home ... all you need to do is pedal and play!

CyclePath Turns Fitness Into the Next Breakthrough in Gaming Tech

CyclePath employs a groundbreaking Hybrid Technology that seamlessly combines health benefits and game play capabilities. It marks an exciting and new category in home gaming and home exercise, crossing over into a new frontier that gives children and adults amazing possibilities.

Here's How It Works

Connect the CyclePath (BIKE) to any smartphone via Bluetooth and sync to the CyclePath. It will send all its data directly to any smart wearable supplied with the CyclePath, and keeps track of everything from heart rate, to calories burned while it sends email updates to parents. Plus CyclePath requires no outside power, emits no harmful gases or radiation, and can even charge up your phone or USB devices while you play.

Getting Started

Hybrid Technology


Actual Screen Shot

Bike&Hill, CatRun and Cyclepath2life exercise App. All will be downloadable from Google Play and Apple Store, but for now, directly from the CyclePath2Life.com website. CyclePath is built on a unity platform, so it encourages young developers to experiment and push the boundaries of their imagination and creativity.

Games Currently Available

- Promotes blood circulation through light to medium exercise.

- Help children become more physically active.

- Creates a healthier environment and home life.

- Provides parents better tools to get involved in their kids’ health.

- Conditions children to play on their smartphones while doing exercise.

- Gives parents easy access to monitor their children's game playing/smartphone use.

- User friendly design for medical needs such post-surgery, physical therapy, diabetic patients, etc.

- Super Eco-friendly design


Founder Nissim Amar is an electronics engineer by profession. He's also followed his passion for entrepreneurialism and has built a multi-million dollar global business in the coin operated video game industry. Today he's breaking new ground and working at the intersection of health and technology. At the heart of everything, he's a devoted family man looking to help children live a healthier more active lifestyle.

Nissim Amar, Ceo and Founder