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About Us

Visiting From Space (vis·it·ing / främ / spās) n. 1. an advanced company applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve results in the PR industry

Who said work can't be fun? Around here, that's just what it is. We pride ourselves on our laid-back work environment and distinctive culture. But we're not just a bunch of consultants in jeans. We're creative, visionary minds of many disciplines. We’re multicultural, multinational, multitalented individuals, each with a unique perspective. We surf big waves, climb the world's tallest mountains, perform on stages, and paint fine art. But through all this, we find that what makes us different is what makes us the same.

We all like to take things apart, figure stuff out, put them back together, learn how it all works and make it work better.

We all have the drive to lead amazing lives and do extraordinary work. We came to Visiting From Space looking to reach our potential and leave our mark on the world. We stay because we’ve found a place where we don’t have to do it alone.

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